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We will help you get the commercial insurance policies you need to be completely covered. Whether you have a small business, a restaurant, a car dealer, a moving company, or a trucking company in Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia... relax, A3 Insurance has you covered!
Our commercial insurance policies include:

Commercial Property:

Protects the assets you own or lease from multiple perils, including fire, theft, and natural disasters. These can be buildings, computers, documents, money, furnishings, office equipment and many others.
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Workers Compensation and Employers Liability:

Protects your employees’ income while injured on the job, including occupational hazards, total disability, permanent impairment, medical treatment, and death. It also protects you for being sued by your employees at the time of an incident.
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Professional Liability:

Protects the advice you give and the work product from an error or omission, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. This coverage applies to hundreds of businesses, including professional services, contractors, construction companies, real estate brokers, laboratories, consultants, IT professionals, among many others.
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General Liability:

Protects you against losses caused by damage to your customers’ property, personal injury, work products, reputation harm, and advertising claims from a third party.
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